Proud Irish

We are Proudly Irish.

As per tradition

An all Irish tradition
It's not just the rich landscapes, it's not just the rich Irish culture.

For centuries the Irish have brought their proud culture to the rest of the world and there are hundreds of millions of people around the world who came originally from a small, green and beautiful island in the Atlantic ocean, who are proud to call themselves Irish.
Wherever they go they bring the fine original tradition of Quality Irish Whiskey in their Proud Irish hearts.

The story of our whiskey

Proud Irish Whiskey Company ltd was established in 2015 with the idea of producing high quality Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey. Proud Irish Whiskey is aged for over 3 years in once used american oak barrels. We’re happy to partecipate and contribute to the global rebirth of the Irish Whiskey industry with our fine blend and single malt whiskey’s!

Proud Irish is a high quality Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey

Our unique blend is strictly produced with

85% grain whiskey
To ensure a unique taste
15% malt
To enhance the taste
American oak barrells
Aged for over 3 years

Our production process

5 fundamental steps


Malting is the part of the production process that consists of an initial steeping in water during which our barley is placed in large vats. Once the steeping is finished the water is drained away and the barley is left to germinate on the malting floor.
When the insoluble starches become soluble we dry the cereal with warm air. We will now have a mature malt that is ready for the mashing process.


Here the dried malt will be milled and then mixed with hot water. This process concludes the conversion phase of the dextrin into malt. The sweet liquid produced is our prized wort.


This is one of the most important parts in the preparation of our raw materials. We add the correct amounts of water and yeast to the wort before allowing it to settle inside large fermenting vats. A process that can last for between 48 and 112 hours.


During the first stage the fermented product is placed in a still and heated. The temperature in the still should not exceed 100°.
During the second distillation the alcoholic substance is again heated and waste products, so-called “foreshoots”, are removed. Only on reaching 78.4° do we arrive at the distillate, a substance consisting mainly of ethyl alcohol. Another important phase occurs at 95°. At this temperature we see the evaporation of elements such as aldehydes. All these by-products are eliminated at this stage as they are considered “feints”.
At the third distillation we achieve a pure and transparent 70° proof distillate. During this stage 2/3 of our initial ingredients will have been discarded.


Freshly distilled is then placed in once used american oak barrels for a minimum of three years, to mature.
American Oak is used because it has the ability to absorb and store elements from previous maturing processes which give the final product added aromas. The maturing process is also influenced by the size of the barrels and the temperature and humidity of the environment in which they are stored.

Our bottles

Proud Irish Whiskey Original Grain Whiskey

Our first batch of Proud Irish Whiskey is a triple distilled blended whiskey. Our blend is one of a kind and is made from a combination of 85% grain whiskey and 15% malt whiskey. It is matured for more than three years in once used american oak barrels.

Our bottles

Proud Irish Single Malt Whiskey

Our second born is a Premium Triple Distilled Single Malt Whiskey aged more than 4 years in once used american oak barrels.

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