Proud Irish

We are Proudly Irish.


An all Irish tradition
It's not just the rich landscapes, it's not just the rich Irish culture.

For centuries the Irish have brought their proud culture to the rest of the world and there are hundreds of millions of people around the world who came originally from a small, green and beautiful island in the Atlantic ocean, who are proud to call themselves Irish.
Wherever they go they bring the fine original tradition of Quality Irish Whiskey in their Proud Irish hearts.

The story of our Irish whiskey

Proud Irish Whiskey Company ltd was founded in 2015 with the idea to produce high quality, triple distilled Irish whiskey, without compromises. Our whiskey rests for 3 to 5 years inside small American Oak barrels, carefully selected (from 195.200 l. each). The barrels, that have just finished the ageing of Bourbon whiskey in Ten-nessee, give the whiskey an outstanding organoleptic quality that makes the pro-duct unique. At the end of the process, the barrels are then replaced each time, to keep the quality constant. We are happy to contribute to the rebirth of Irish whiskey with our product.  

Proud Irish is a high quality Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey

Our unique blend is strictly produced with

85% corn
To ensure a unique taste
15% malt
not to change the taste
American oak barrells
Aged minimum 3 years

Production process

5 important steps

Malting process

The malting process starts with the maceration of our barley, that is soaked in great water tanks. After that, the water is removed and the barley is laid on the mal-ting floor and let to rest for the germination process. The starch then turns from inso-luble to soluble and the cereal undergoes the hot air drying process. At this stage, the cereal, which is now germinated and dried, runs through a traditional windmill. It’s then sifted to remove any impurity. The end result, the Grist, is a wholemeal flour, ready for the mashing process.


The flour (wheat and barley) is ready for the infusion (mashing). The product is soaked and continously stirred in hot water (65/70°); thanks to the combination of movement and temperature, the enzymes convert the starch in sugars, mainly in maltodextrin. After a filtration stage of the “exhausted” cereal, the sweet and non-alcoholic liquid obtained is our precious wort.


This is one of the most important stages in the preparation of our products. We add the correct portion of water and yeasts to the wort, before we let it rest in big fermantation containers. The wort has to cool down to 20°C, through heat conver-ters, otherwise the yeasts wouldn’t be able to work or indeed they would die. The fermentation process lasts from 48 to 112 hours. After this stage, the alcohol volume is between 6 and 9%. The product obtained, wash, could be made into beer. The difference between whisky and beer is that in the latter this liquid is distilled instead of being fermented.


One of the distinctive feature of Irish Whiskey is the triple distillation, that distinguishes it from the double distillation of Scotch whisky. The fermented liquid is poured at first in an pot still and then heated. The process of the pot stilli s very simple: the liquid evaporates, gets in contact with the cold copper and condensates, falling in a new container. The shape of the pot still is jealously kept secret by all distilleries, like ours. The distillation phases work on a game of specific temperatures, that eliminates some of the components of the “wash”. The first distillation is done below 100°C. The aim is indeed to eliminate the water in the first container. The first result is an unrefined mash, with an alcohol volume between 22 and 24% and with many non edible alcohols. During the second distillation, the alcoholic liquid is reheated and the waste, called foreshots or “head”, is eliminated. The final step occurs at 95°; this is the temperature, the remaining higher alcohols evaporate at. At this temperature, aldeydes and esters evaporate, which all be-long to the wasted substances, as they are considered heads or feints. Thanks to the third distillation, we obtain a clear and pure spirit, 70% alc. vol. and 2/3 of the initial raw material have been wasted.


Before we start a distillation procedure, we proceed with a small dilution: the result of a triple distillation, a spirit at 70% alc vol, is now diluted to 64.5%, using the same water source of the previous steps. The product is aged slowly in American oak barrels, because, compared to other wood, it can keep some of the components of the previous liquid stored, in this case Bourbon. These properties are then somehow transferred to the new-born whiskey. That is why the old barrels used for the Bourbon, give the new distillate a golden colour, sweet tasting notes, typical of the corn. In the ageing process, for a minimum period of three years, two factors make the difference: the size of the barrels and the climate condition of the environment where our barrels are stored.

Our Whiskey

Proud Irish Whiskey Original Grain Whiskey

Our first batch of Proud Irish Whiskey is a triple distilled blended whiskey. Our blend is one of a kind and is made from a combination of 85% grain whiskey and 15% malt whiskey. It is matured for more than three years in once used american oak barrels.

Bottle 70 cl

Our Whiskey

Proud Irish Single Malt Whiskey

Proud Irish Single Malt Whiskey represents the maximum expression of the Irish culture for their whiskey. It’s obtained from the distillation of just barley malt. Its notes and scents tell us of the season, where it is harvested: late spring. Like the original Proud Irish, Single Malt is aged for at least 36 months. Its ageing processi s done in America oak barrels, that have just finished an ageing step for Bourbon whiskey.

Bottle 70 cl



Shamrose family

Shamrose Irish Whiskey

Shamrose is a journey into an authentic and simpler Ireland, a country which consists of small villages, large green valleys and ocean coastlines. At first, the product tells us a story of a simple culture with unique and distinctive features, beginning with the clover (Shamrock) on the label. If you open the bottle, the same vibes emerge: Shamrose is an Irish whiskey with different organoleptic levels, combining delicate flavours with a robust and slightly malted taste. To the nose, Shamrose is clean and sharp, with a sweet and fruity note, followed by wooden hints and finally moving to honey and caramel. To the mouth, it is smooth, tending sweet and it gives the sansation of a very structured and persistent body. In the end, the ageing of the product – over three years in American oak barrels, that have just finished the Bourbon ageing cycle – reveals its strong creamy notes, that go from chocolate to vanilla.

Flask 20 cl - 35 cl
Bottle 70 cl

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